About us

We Offer comprehensive and integrated solution .

Arian Electric Gharb was first established in 1989 for the design and production of various type of electrical switchgears. Over the past years, AEGH has consolidated its presence in the national automation industry, low and medium voltage switchboards market.

Offering a comprehensive and integrated services, ranging from installations to full institute of projects, AEGH provides solutions to the various needs of each individual customer, applicable to its intended use in terms of functionality and structural integrity and safety. AEGH uses the modern machines and efficiently designed factory to meet the world-class standards. As customers are our priority, we have employed highly competent expert engineers and artisans, modern technology and engineered processes to ensure the quality and time commitment. During the last 30 years of experience AEGH has served several over 3000 projects for the national, governmental and private institutions. We are proud of our commitment to the customers, our robust production progress and our costumer’s satisfaction.